Want to Keep the Momentum Going?

Join Get Gutsy University, Jenny Fenig's digital classroom of glittery growth + bold moves.

Quick Glance at Get Gutsy University

You are invited to join Jenny Fenig + fellow gutsy leaders in our online classroom dedicated to growing your spiritually-charged business online.

Experience a one-stop-shop for coaches, creatives + healers as you get what you need to move through fear and doubt and take your work to the next level.

Before you purchase, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can get a feel for Get Gutsy University. Enjoy!

Regular Coaching Calls

Get the support + guidance you need to move your mission forward.

Jenny Fenig leads monthly coaching calls on a rad video connection platform called Zoom. Our next call is Thursday, September 8. Join us! All calls are recorded.

Bring your questions + powerful energy + get ready to grow!

Courses Galore!

Be a serious, committed student to move to higher levels of leadership.

You’ll receive instant + unlimited access to my value-packed courses and trainings giving you insights into: 

Tribe Building ★ Growing Your Platform ★ Niching ★ Sales ★ Your Signature System ★ Launching ★ Team Building ★ Copywriting ★ Content Creation ★ Systematizing + Automating ★ Visibility ★ Mindset + Money Secrets ★ Writing Your Book ★ And so much more

Members-only Facebook group 

-Get feedback on things like your big idea for your online course, coaching program, book, pricing, tagline and more! 

Get the latest tips and strategies on what’s working in the online business world right now. 

Help other spiritual business leaders in the Get Gutsy University on their journey (giving support feels so good!).

Resources + Tip Sheets

Study, implement and watch the magic unfold.

Score these resources + grow your mission: 

Vision Boards ★ Sacred Marketing Puzzle ★ Schedule Template Tool ★ Creating, Hosting + Leading Live Events + Retreats ebook ★ 8 Keys to Living Your Soul’s Calling ★ 7 Must-Haves for More Money, Impact + Fun in Your Soul-Led Business 

Plus, there's more: Take Charge of Your Day in Just 5 Minutes: Sacred Self-Care Success Strategies ★ Write + Publish Your Book ★ Sample offer form for a live workshop ★ Press release example ★ Sample job description for an assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Get Gutsy University right for me if I'm just starting out?

Yes. I WISH I would have had access to this info when I was just starting out as a business owner. My journey would have been A LOT smoother and more profitable from Day 1. 

Instead, it took me almost 2 years into my business (and many dark nights of the soul sweating about how I would ever make it as an entrepreneur!) to discover this information, which Get Gutsy University offers to you now. The requirements for being a student in Get Gutsy University is that you consider yourself a LEADER and are ready to take consistent, imperfect action. If you do, Get Gutsy University can help you.

2. How can I access the trainings and resources?

All of the content in Get Gutsy University is housed on a membership platform from Infusionsoft called CustomerHub. It's super easy to stay organized here. You'll receive your very own log-in and password and can go in to access your materials at any time.

3. How do the monthly coaching calls work?

You’ll be LIVE on a monthly call with me, one of our Get Gutsy Certified Coaches + your fellow GGU crew. Get pumped! I start each call with a short meditation and centering to get us open to receiving divine guidance. Then I'll share some teaching related to our monthly theme that you can immediately apply to your business and life. Then we'll take questions from our Get Gutsy University community. 

And if you can’t join the call LIVE, you’ll have access to the recording.

4. How do I get my spouse or partner to support me in this decision?

In my experience, spouses who aren’t wired like entrepreneurs don’t always immediately see the value in these types of investments. Typically, the spouse is skeptical and wants to be reassured that this isn’t just another “bright shiny object” for you, but rather, something that is going to produce real results and provide a substantial return on investment. I still remember when I told my husband about the first-ever big coaching program I wanted to invest in ($13,000) back in 2009 and was scared out of my mind. Once he sensed the value and how confident I was that it was exactly what I needed to do, he supported my decision 100%. Thank goodness! My whole world transformed during that program. 

Ever since then, I’ve never NOT invested in business growth program. The results are too amazing to ignore. 

When presenting the opportunity to get results in Get Gutsy University, it is important that you share with your spouse, 1) What the program specifically entails, 2) what solution it provides, 3) what makes it different from other programs you’ve experienced, 4) the credentials of the coach, 5) the fact that you get lifetime access. Your partner simply wants the best for you and when you describe what you’ll get AND that you'll take full advantage of everything GGU offers, you will likely have full support. Go for it!

5. What does LIFETIME ACCESS mean?

LIFETIME ACCESS in Get Gutsy University means as long as Get Gutsy University is around, you receive benefits of membership. It's a huge value. 

Heads-up: In 2017, we will be evolving the program into a yearly membership fee to participate, but you'll be grandfathered in to LIFETIME ACCESS and won't pay a yearly fee.

6. Who is Get Gutsy University for?

Get Gutsy University was created for spiritual business leaders in a variety of industries. 

Coaches ★ Creatives ★ Consultants ★ Healers ★ Bloggers ★ Financial Planners ★ Copywriters ★ Community Leaders ★ Artists ★ Massage Therapists ★ Experts ★ Interior Designers ★ Professional Organizers ★ Event Planners ★ Nutritionists ★ Intuitives + Psychics ★ Graphic Designers ★ Web Designers (And more!) 

7. What is your cancellation + refund policy?

We’re confident that you’re going to love what Get Gutsy University has to offer. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. Go ahead, invest in your business. Invest in your dreams. We’ve got you. If during the 30-day period after purchase you don't feel you've received value from Get Gutsy University, send an email to support@jennyfenig.com requesting your refund and cancellation and we'll take care of you. Please note no refunds or cancellations will be issued after the refund window has expired (if you are on a payment plan, you'll be responsible for your remaining payments).

8. When do I receive access to Get Gutsy University?

As soon as you register! You get instant access to the various courses, resources and community. Dive in!

9. I want to join Get Gutsy University, but I'm scared.

Just so you know, anytime I say yes to something that's in line with my calling + highest good, I'm scared. I get that BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH feeling. I used to let that feeling hold me BACK from stepping FORWARD. Then I learned that that feeling was actually a SIGN that I was on the right track and was allowed to take that LEAP. I learned to RIDE THE BUTTERFLIES into my next chapter of growth. It's been an amazing ride. 

I hear from so many potential students that they WANT to be a part of one of my courses or events, but they are SCARED. And they are SCARED that they are SCARED. Can you relate? 

Here's what I have to say about fear: I'd be worried if you WEREN'T scared. You're supposed to be SCARED. Pretty much every student who has ever walked through my virtual door is totally FREAKED OUT!!! I love it. Shows me that you're ALIVE! I come to expect it and hold the space for you to do your thing in the way you came to this planet to do! 

I'm terrified pretty much every day as I do my thing ... especially when I'm creating + sharing something that's TRULY an expression of my soul. I wouldn't have it any other way! Be ever-mindful of those points on your JOURNEY where a DOOR is opened. Know this: it's up to YOU to walk through it. I'm SO confident that once you walk through this door to your destiny, you won't look back. We've got you! 

"Being connected to a tribe of gorgeous, light-filled women like GGU has been life changing to my personal + entrepreneurial growth. 

True strength comes in numbers, and GGU has blessed me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded women who share spiritual values and visions of empowerment! We all come to the world with a unique gift, and being a part of GGU enables me to not only share my gift with others, but unite our passions together to rise higher in support of one another." 

- Jessica Silverman, MoZenWellness.com

"Being part of such a supportive community is so important to my growth mainly because everyone there can relate to me and where I am, where I’ve been and/or where I want to be on my journey!"

- Misty Catheline, MistyCatheline.com  

“The monthly coaching calls with Jenny have really helped me hone my vision for my business and life. Her light is a gift she shares with her tribe very generously.

The GGU course materials give you the systems you need to get the work done and share your messages with your tribe."

- Brittany McLaughlin, RoseValleyTextiles.com

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